Teacher & New Teacher Performance-Based Teacher Evaluations
BOE approved originally on on 8/20/14

Reviewed/Revised yearly---See Revised Dates for some items below to ensure usage of most recently approved

Part I-Teacher Evaluation Process

Revised 7/18/2016
*customized from DESE
Part II New Teacher Evaluations
(1st & 2nd Year Teachers)

*customized from DESE

Reviewed 7/18/2018 no changes
Growth GuidePossible Sources of EvidenceResearch & Proven PracticesMissouri Observation Simulation Tool (MOST)
Teacher Feedback FormsNew Teacher Feedback Forms (Mentor/Mentee)Model Teacher StandardsGrowth Plan TemplateMarzano's Alignment
Hattie's Alignment
Lemov's Alignment
DESE Webinar Links6 Webinars available

(Writing Growth Plans, Setting Baselines, etc.)
Growth Observation Form General Observation Form Growth Plan Standard 2.3

Sample Coming Soon
SLO HandbookSetting Growth Targets for SLOsSLO TemplateStudent Growth Guidance from DESESLO Assessment Approval ChecklistSLO Approval Checklist
Teacher Summative

Updated 7/20/2016
New Teacher SummativeSLO Writeable FormImprovement PlanApproved SLO Tracker for MVR-IIIApproved Student Growth Measure Chart for 2016-2017

Library Media Specialists Performance-Based Evaluations

Newly Revised LMS Evaluation Model Coming Soon---BOE Adopted on 8/17/2016

LMS Manual -BOE Adopted 8/26/2015

LMS Evaluation Process Part 1-Steps 1-7 (See Teacher Evaluation Part 1 above)

Library Media Specialist Standards

Library Media Specialist Continuum for Growth Guide

Professional School Counselor Performance-Based Evaluation

PSC Protocal ManualNew PSC Protocol (New PSC in years 1 & 2 only)

PSC Growth Guide

PSC Standard 1.2 Counseling Theories & Interventions Sample Growth Guide---Coming Soon

Program + Personnel = Results (DESE Guidance Link)

Psychological Examiner/Process Coordinator Evaluation System
BOE approved on 9/21/2016

Evaluation ProcessFormative ToolSummative Tool

Principal Evaluation System
BOE approved on 8/20/16
Model Leader StandardsPrincipal Evaluation-Complete Document
Growth Plan Template

Superintendent Evaluation System
BOE approved on 8/20/14
Model Leader StandardsSuperintendent Evaluation-Complete Document