Dear students,

If Pacific Intermediate is closed due to inclement weather for any of the days February 16th – February 19th, I wanted to make sure you knew how to contact the school counseling department. Please reach out if you would like to be contacted due to academic concerns, personal issues, family issues, lack of food or utilities, or any mental health issues such as sadness or depression. I understand that working from home and being isolated from friends can be hard both academically and emotionally. Please feel free to contact me in any of the following methods:

Ms. Jeanne M. Diamond

Pacific Intermediate School Counselor

School Email jdiamond@mvr3.k12.mo.us

School Phone 636-271-1425 x 3504

Google Voice 636-271-5669

Pacific Intermediate Website under counseling, (3 forms), which will go directly to Mrs. Kerbel and myself.

-Student Request

-Parent Request

-Teacher Request

Please note, if you want to Zoom this is possible. Sometimes face to face is better. Just contact me and I will set up meeting along with provide you Zoom meeting information.

In you do not hear back from me, please contact Brooke Kerbel, Pacific Intermediate’s Educational Support Counselor in any of the following methods:

Mrs. Brooke Kerbel

Pacific Intermediate Educational Support Counselor

School Email: bkerbel@mvr3.k12.mo.us

School Phone 636-271-1425 x 3509

Google Voice 314-390-6940

IN CASES OF EMERGENCY call or text 911

Other resources include:

BHR Youth Connection Helpline

Call toll free: 1-844-985-8282

Chat on-line: www.bhrstl.com

Text: BHEARD to 31658

Go to your local safe place site

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



Hopefully, we will be in school next week. If not reach out and let us know how we can help. We will miss you if we are not here. Stay warm and safe.


Ms. Jeanne M. Diamond

School Counselor Pacific Intermediate


School Counselor Mrs. Jeanne Diamond 636-271-1425 ext. 3504 jdiamond@mvr3.k12.mo.us

Educational Support Counselor Mrs. Brooke Kerbel 636-271-1425 ext. 3509 


Guidance Counselor Secretary Mrs. Tracy Meyer 636-271-1425 ext. 3505 tmeyer@mvr3.k12.mo.us

NEED TO SEE THE COUNSELOR? Complete the form below to schedule a visit.

Student Request Form

Teacher Referral Form

Parent Referral Form