Happy Caveman Selfie

Joe Beckman, a nationally-known motivational speaker, came to speak at Truman Elementary on Monday February 24th.  He spoke to all Kindergarten through 4th grade students and staff about being a difference maker #BEaDifferenceMaker. He told a story about how it feels to be left out and how he remembered that feeling and made an intentional change to make sure no one else ever felt left out. He explained to the elementary students that they made about 8,000 choices per day, and that offered so many chances to make good choices, to leave a legacy as a difference-maker.  Joe had a chance after his presentation to meet and mingle with students and he definitely left a legacy in our hallways. Students are still using his tag line "I Love Your Face" and being intentional with their human connections! 

We are grateful and proud to have spent time with Joe Beckman on Monday! #TribeLife