Mrs. Meininger's 4th Grade is now a Certified KIND Classroom

The  month of November is known as Kindness month.  Mrs. Meininger presented her class with a challenge and the focus of what Kindness looks like and ultimately the joy that kindness feels like for others and ourselves. Mrs. Meininger used the book Wonder! as her way to focus her students and teach them the life lessons of kindness. The students were presented with this challenge by a jar of marbles and the goal being when they did something kind they took a marble out of the jar and filled the kindness container.  The transition of the marble become amazing talking points and proud moments for our 4th grade students. 

Mrs. Meininger's 4th grade class is now officially on the Wonder book publishers, Random House Children's Books, map and Pinterest page.


These students... and this teacher... are DIFFERENCE MAKERS

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