February 2021! Below you will find all things February:

Dear Tribe Families,

 Being that February is a month filled with Tribe love, friendship, and positive Tribe energy, I would like to wish our entire Tribe a Happy Valentine’s Day! I feel blessed to be your elementary principal and I am proud of our children, families, staff, and surrounding communities. In fact, I am thoroughly convinced that Truman Elementary has the greatest students in the world! I love everything about our school. I love our work ethic. I love our kind Tribe hearts. I love that I have an amazing teaching and support staff. I love that we have learned to say thank you, please, and I am sorry. I love that a Tribe sorry means not only an apology, but a commitment not to make a poor choice again.

How is that for Valentine love?

Please keep supporting our staff and our school. Thank you for your kindness, smiles, and support with behaviors, homework, and modeling the importance of a solid education.

Let’s talk about screen time…

Too much screen time? Tips to help parents

  1. Get back to what you did before phones and spend time playing games with your kids.
  2. Spend dinnertime talking.
  3. Drop everything that you are doing when your kids get home from school to TALK to them.
  4. Make dinner without having the TV on, the phone close by, or the tablet tuned into something.
  5. Use any ‘car time’ to talk to your kids
  6. Have your kids do chores: Responsibilities increase their self-worth.
  7. “To develop a high self-esteem a person needs a purpose. A key component to high self-esteem relies on how you view yourself regarding contribution. In other words, in the child development process, chores are a big role in a kid’s self-esteem.”
  8. Be sure that your child is getting enough sleep.
  9. Tell you kids to "GO PLAY OUTSIDE!"

What will you #BE in February? At home try and use the districts 8 pillars of success language so that your child knows the expectations in and out of school OR focus on one of the characteristics as a family and see what kind of results you get!

Collaboration – Be a Team Player

I can work well with others

Responsibility – Be in Control

I can own my words and actions

Creativity – Be Clever

I can think outside the box and take risks.

Communication – Be Open and Honest

I can use my words to say what I think/feel

Resilience – Be Brave

I can keep trying even when things get tough

 Respectfulness – Be Polite

I can use my manners

Citizenship – Be a Role Model

I can set a good example for others

Critical Thinking -  Be a Problem Solver

I can work hard to take obstacles


Leading & Learning with a smile,

Dr. Sladek