Difference Maker

We had a chance to celebrate and thank those that have made a difference in the month of September.

Thank YOU for being your best YOU:
Mr. Austin, Mrs. Bristow, Mrs. Coffman, Mrs. Lydon-Lorson, Mrs. Signaigo, and Mrs. Snyder.
Our Tribe APPRECIATES all that you do 💜

Mrs. Signaigo , YOU are a Difference Maker:

  • “Mrs. Signaigo does a lot of things that makes her a Difference Maker at Truman. Her sense of humor is hilarious and allows for a more relaxed tone in the building. She also has a special way of making each of her kids feel important, which is an amazing skill to have.”
  • “Mrs. Signaigo is a difference maker because she goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all her students. She is a joy to be around. She has a great work ethic.”
  • “Mrs. Signaigo is a teacher who cares about her kids! She will go the extra mile to make sure they learn and get the extra attention they need. She is also very funny and makes me laugh every day. She is a true friend and always gives me that extra push when I need it. All you have to do is ask and she will do anything she can to help you in anyway. I could not do this job without her!”

Mrs. Coffman, YOU are a Difference Maker:

  • “Mrs. Coffman has so many strengths that make her a Difference Maker. Mrs. Coffman forms such a strong bond with her kids, that you can tell they enjoy having her as a teacher. Additionally, she always takes every task head-on.”
  • “Mrs. Coffman is a difference maker because she cares for her students and is always willing to help other students in any classroom she is in. She is a team player!”
  • “Mrs. Coffman is a kind soul who genuinely cares about our students which comes through in the way she listens and talks to them.”
  • “Mrs. Coffman is a wonderful person who is so helpful to our students. She always manages to give them exactly what they need. The students love her! She is always ready to help with anything you need! She is amazing!”

Mrs. Snyder, YOU are a Difference Maker:

  • “Mrs. Snyder's positive and upbeat personality lights every room she walks into and is infectious. She is a difference maker and inspires me daily.”
  • “Mrs. Snyder impacts students with her smile and positive attitude.”
  • “Mrs. Snyder has the power to change the lives of these kdg's daily, Teaching them something new, opening their eyes to learning that they have never seen before.”
  • “Mrs. Snyder has the patience of a saint!! She always gives a smile to everyone which is so contagious. The way she handles her little ones, reminds me to be more patient.”

Mr. Austin, YOU are a Difference Maker:

  • “Mr. Austin is a Difference Maker for a few reasons. First of all, he has talents in many areas and will willingly share them to make our school a stronger place. Additionally, he always interacts positively with students which easily makes him a favorite among the kiddos at Truman.”
  • “Mr. Austin is willing to help in any capacity needed. He makes connections with students that need it the most.”
  • “Mr. Austin has a calm demeanor that is contagious to everyone around him.”
  • “Mr. Austin is a friend to everyone! You can ask him for anything and he is always there to help. He makes me laugh all the time!”

Mrs. Bristow, YOU are a Difference Maker:

  • “Mrs. Bristow is a difference maker because she illuminates a positive glow always, she inspires me to be a better teacher and human daily. She goes above and beyond to not only teach her students but to include all students at Truman. Her positive attitude is infectious. I appreciate that about her!”
  • “Mrs. Bristow has made such a huge impact with Truman Times. My students look forward to watching it every day.”
  • “Her happy go lucky attitude makes me want to be a happier person, I’m sure it does others too.”
  • “Mrs. Bristow is one of those positive people that I always wish I could be more like. She's always smiling and laughing with you! She makes you feel comfortable and accepted.”

Mrs. Lydon-Lorson, YOU are a Difference Maker:

  • “Mrs. Lydon-Lorson connects with students daily and is their safe person to go to.”
  • “Mrs. Lydon-Lorson has a way to make a person feel special even if it is for a very insignificant thing. She can make anything a "big deal" in a good way!!”
  • “Mrs. Lydon-Lorson makes a difference because she is always there for our kids. Any time they want to talk to her, she is available. She always knows the right words to say to them too! When I need something, she is always helpful!”