Hello November

From the Desk of Dr. Sladek:

As we enter November and begin to head toward the holidays., many of us are already dreading the rush of shopping and all the ‘pressure’ that comes with this season. We start to focus on all the things we need to do and lose focus on what we already have.  The dictionary defines “Thanksgiving” as an “act of giving thanks” and as “a public acknowledgement or celebration of divine goodness”. This month for Meramec Valley R-111 School District we are focusing CREATIVITY, which is one of our 8 Pillars of Success. This Thanksgiving season, do something with your children to help them put their thankfulness into action There are many things that you could do as a family.

  • Make a thankfulness chain. Cut 1’ wide strips of colored paper (we have some to give if you need some!). On each paper write one thing that you’re thankful for. Then glue the strip into a circle, linking it to the one before. Before you know it, you’ll have a “Thankful Chain” to hang as decoration for your Thanksgiving feast.  
  • Make a “feast box” and give to others or donate to The Agape House. Have your student make a grocery list of Thanksgiving Dinner and then head to the store. Once you have everything on the list make a nice card and box it up and drop it off to a family in need, a local church, or The Agape House!
  • Coloring Fun! This is a stress release idea for you and your kiddo! Win-Win! Print out some coloring pages (we can help you with this if you need!) and grab crayons or makers and color away! It is relaxing and usually encourages great conversations!

Dates to keep on your radar are noted on the calendar of the back of this newsletter!

Please be sure to contact me if you feel the need at any time!

You can find all things November on our website [https://www.mvr3.k12.mo.us/o/Truman]

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What will you #BE in November?

At home try and use the districts 8 pillars of success language so that your child knows the expectations in and

out of school.  Or focus on one of the characteristics as a family and see what kind of results you get!

Collaboration – Be a Team Player                            Communication – Be Open and Honest

I can work well with others                                      I can use my words to say what I think/feel

Responsibility – Be in Control                                                 Respectfulness – Be Polite

I can own my words and actions                             I can use my manners

Creativity – Be Clever                                                Citizenship – Be a Role Model

I can think outside the box and take risks.           I can set a good example for others

Resilience – Be Brave                                                  Critical Thinking -  Be a Problem Solver

I can keep trying even when things get tough      I can work hard to take obstacles



Dr. Jenna Sladek

Truman Elementary Principal