[Thursday Oct 8th, 2020]

Happy Thursday Tribe,

We are nearing the end of our first quarter of learning. Thank YOU for allowing to have some fun, learn a new normal all while cheering us on with support and encouraging spirit! Below you will find some important topics to keep on your radar:

Quarterly Celebration: This year we are truly celebrating the end of the quarter. We will move away from any “holiday celebrations’ that we have done in the past. With not being able to have visitors come help, as well as, not being able to really rotate around the school in big groups to different stations this is the time we work as educators to find a new way to celebrate our growth and learning. On the last day of the 1st quarter, Friday, October 16th, Farmer Engelhart will be bringing his Tractor down to our building and dropping off a pumpkin for EVERY STUDENT. This will kick off our celebration day. The rest of the day will be celebrated by class only and the teacher will plan fun ‘pumpkin themed’ activities. Nurse Barb and Nurse Junnie have also planned a fun pumpkin snack for students to enjoy in the afternoon. Stay tuned for pictures and lots of smiles during our celebration day.

Halloween/Costumes: After reading the above you will notice that costumes were not a part of our celebration like we have done in the past. Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, but in an effort to still allow students to show off their costume we will be incorporating costumes into our Red Ribbon Spirit Week. Each day of the week (10/26-10/30) there will be designated themed dress up day. On Friday Oct. 30th the theme is “Scare away Drugs” we are asking student to come to school and wear their costume all day! No masks, and nothing that a teacher would need to assist when needing to use the restroom or play in. Their costume needs to be comfortable for them to wear all day J you can save the “all out Halloween costume” for the next day, Saturday!

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