[Thursday Jan. 22nd, 2020]

Hello Tribe Families;

Reminder TOMORROW, Friday 1/22, will be a FUN FRIDAY DAY! Students will celebrate HAT DAY @ Truman; donate $1.00 to PTO and wear you coolest hat!

This flyer will give you information for the New Hope Church Free Meal program and ways to receive notifications and reminders on the days and locations they are giving! Click here to view: https://5il.co/ouif

Yearbook Order Form – You can click on this link to view the electronic flyer for 2020-2021 yearbook sales: https://5il.co/ouii

The site for ordering is www.yearbookmarket.com and once there, simply put in the school name to go to the online store. Those directions are also on the attached flyer.

This flyer is associated with Sporting Soccer. The club is conducting a second session of winder indoor soccer camps at various locations. The camps are for boys and girls ages 5-12 and will begin in February. For more information click here: https://5il.co/ouij

Valentine’s Day – PLEASE READ! I noticed that valentines cards are already out in stores! It has been decided by our elementary admin team due to Valentine’s Day being on a Sunday and the COVID Protocols we have in place during our school day we will NOT be exchanging Valentine’s this year. Instead, we will incorporate a celebration into our end of third quarter celebration day! Thanks for your support and understanding!

This week the reflection revolves around the word Confidence. Confidence is so important for ALL of us but hits home with our students. Academics are important but to me… if a student leaves our building each day with a little more confidence in themselves and their head held high then we have ACCOMPLISHED what we set out to do each day. Self-Confidence is truly a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself. Magic starts happening. This goes for us adults as well!

Can’t wait to spend a Fun Friday with this Tribe tomorrow!

Leading & Learning with a smile, 

Dr. Jenna Sladek; Ed.D

Principal, Truman Elementary

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