School Spirit Merchandise from Kick Print

Hey Friend,

Thanks for all of your support on the MVR-3 District Wide Store.

I'm emailing you because I need your help.

Facebook is throttling our links. They do this because any links that go to a product typically get paid ads. So Essentially, Facebook is throttling these posts with hopes that I will pay for ads to the pages.. This shouldn't be the case.

Only about 5% of our local audience is seeing the link to the MVR-3 Stores.

Can you Help?

All we need is for you to tell your friends on facebook and share the link.

The link is easy to remember.

Just type that into your facebook and post it PUBLIC.

Or post to other channels and be sure to verbally share.

With your help we can ensure we cover our town in Pacific Pride and do an effective fund raiser for our wonderful school system.

Thanks for your continued support. It's very appreciated.

-JT with Kick Print