School Health



We subscribe to the following beliefs about school health and school nursing services:

Every child is entitled to educational opportunities which will allow each to reach full potential as an individual and to prepare him or her for responsibility as a citizen.

Every child is entitled to a level of health that permits maximum utilization of educational opportunities.

The school health program should be consistent with the philosophy and objectives of the school.

The school health program through the components of health service, health education, and concern for the environment, provides knowledge and understanding on which to base decisions for the promotion and protection of individual, family, and community health.

Parents have the basic responsibility for the health of their children.

The school health program activities exist to assist parents in carrying out their responsibilities.

The school health program should incorporate the tenets of The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model, which focuses its attention on the child, emphasizes a school-wide approach, and acknowledges learning, health, and the school as being a part and reflection of the local community.

Health Coordinator



Lindsy Hendricks, R.N.


Ext. 3004

Medicaid Renewals


The way MO HealthNet (Medicaid) coverage is provided will change beginning May 1, 2017. All families were notified beginning in January to choose a Managed Care Health Plan (Home State, Missouri Care or United Health Care) and a Primary Care Provider. If families did not choose a health plan and a provider, one was chosen for them.

Below is a link to a flyer posted on the DSS website that helps MO HealthNet Managed Care participants understand the steps they need to take to change Managed Care plans in the 90 days after May 1. This information also educates managed care participants on circumstances that allow someone to change plans past that 90-day timeframe.

Visit the MO HealthNet Healthcare Benefit website for more information.


Participants can choose to be in the MO HealthNet Fee-for-Service program instead of the Managed Care program if they meet certain criteria. For more information on opting out of Managed Care, refer to the MO HealthNet Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions page.


The Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program is a MO HealthNet Program that pays for the cost of health insurance premiums for certain MO HealthNet participants. Find out more at the Missouri Department of Social Services HIPP website.


Procedure for the Beginning of School:

Immunization Requirements for Missouri

Immunization of School Children 167.181

It is unlawful for any student to attend school unless the student has been adequately immunized according to Missouri state law. See Missouri State Department of Health Immunization Requirements for complete rules and regulations. All students, including transfer students, must provide one of the following on the first day of school:

a. Satisfactory evidence of completed immunizations

b. Proof that they are in the process of completing the immunization series according to a prescribed schedule.

c. A medical exempt form signed by a physician, or a religious exempt form signed by a parent or guardian.

Franklin County Health Department offers residents many services. Check out the many services available to MVR-III students in Franklin County.