Form Code


Form Name

School Board Election (Notice of Candidate's Obligation to File a Financial Interest Statement

Unexpired Term Fulfillment/Vacancies (Notice of Appointed Member's Obligation to File a Personal Financial Disclosure Statement)

Public Comment Request

Grant Resource Review & Request Form

Daily Tabulation of Receipts

2019 Mileage/Reimbursement Form

Out of District Mileage Prior Approval Form

Use of School Vehicles (Not Buses) Form

Medical Statement for Special Meals

Parent/Guardian & Student Technology Agreement

Employee Technology Agreement

Social Media for Education Approval Form

External User Technology Agreement

Student Use of Personal Electronic Devices for Instructional Purposes

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Notice for Directory Information

Social Media for Education Approval Form

Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers (Request for Transfer)

Support Staff Reassignments and Transfers

Foster Child Enrollment

Programs for Homeless Students (Notification of Eligibility, Enrollment or Placement)

Homebound Documentation Application Form

Homebound Timesheet

Request for Fund Raising Form

Instructional Technology Resource Review and Request

Overnight Trip Request Form

Annual Master Calendar for Document Review/Approval

Request for Attendance Change

District Enrollment Form

School Admissions (Statement of Student Discipline)

Application for a Waiver of Proof of Residency due to Hardship or Good Cause

Bus Misconduct Form

Bullying Incident Report Form for Required Reporters - Employees, Substitutes, and Volunteers

Bullying Incident Report Form for Use by Parents, Students, and Community Members

Discipline Reporting and Records (Reporting Agreement with Law Enforcement)

Physical Restraint Incident Report

Physical Restraint, Isolation, & Seclusion Student Incident Log

Isolation/Seclusion Incident Report

Isolation/Seclusion/Restraint Incident Debriefing Notes

Administration of Medications to Students

Facility Use Request Application

Community Use of District Facilities Fee Schedule

Public Gifts to Schools Form

Request for Reconsideration of Material