Communications Department

The Communications Department serves the MVR-III School District's students, parents, staff, and community as a source for up-to-date information about events, programs, and recognitions taking place across the District and their impact on the District's residents.  It provides stakeholders with timely, two-way communication through a variety of channels, including print and email publications, the District website, videos, social media pages, community events, and media relations.

Communication Notification System

In the case of inclement weather or other emergency situations, an announcement of changes will be made through our Communication Notification System. MVR-III utilizes this tool to enhance ongoing communication with parents and staff through voice call, text, mobile app notifications, social media, and the district website live feed. In cases of school cancelation, news channels 2, 4, and 5 will also have the information.

This system allows school administrators to keep parents updated quickly and efficiently with personalized messages that help them stay actively involved in their child’s education. Patrons can use the free mobile app to get rapid notifications and access a variety of school-related information.

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MVR-III Mobile App

Download the FREE MVR-III School District mobile app to streamline school communication on the go.

Apple App Store and Google Play links can be found at the bottom of every website page.

Be sure to:

  • ALLOW Notifications

  • Select SETTINGS to choose the school(s) you want to follow

Keep Up on the Latest District News 

Check out our District News Page to learn about the events and successes taking place across the District.  View our videos on the MVR-III YouTube Channel.

Tomahawk Tribune

The Tomahawk Tribune is a monthly newsletter that highlights students, staff, district, and community activities.



Phone Extension

Dr. Ketina Armstrong

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

Ext. 1004

Scott Kovis

Instructional Technology & Digital Media

Ext. 6000