Student Spotlight

With the excitement of the new year upon us, it has proven to show some challenges. Covid-19 has been all over the news these past few months among the community. Teachers, students, and parents have all needed to adapt to these changes. Teachers in the Meramec Valley R-III School District have been exceptional in overcoming these new found changes in their teaching strategies. Sports have also been on a lot of people's minds, with our first football game being home we had a lot of support. Even people who couldn't attend still viewed it on our live feed. (To access go to our Twitter page at PHS Athletics to find “Periscope”). Mr. Thompson, Athletic Director says “We have had to make a new ticketing system due to capacity issues and thinking about social distancing.” He also says they have to “think about fans and the teams” and having to “talk to other schools on some of their rules”. 

In high school there have been major changes to a student’s daily life, hand sanitizing in and out of the classroom, wearing a mask even while lifting weights and having designated stairs, one to walk up and the other to go down. Chase Krug, a junior on varsity football says, “Covid has changed learning and sports in school by the way it affects day to day scheduling, with wearing masks all day, taking extra precautions for safety while in the classroom and on the field. It also has affected whether or not some teams can play games due to either sports being canceled because of high risk or games being forfeited due to player cases.” Allyson Brickey, an online student says, “There’s no hands on activities.” she also commented “I like online school more because I can sleep in later and only wake up a few minutes before my zoom starts. I like that I don’t have to get ready in the morning.” Even though we have had to do new things we never thought of until Covid-19 we are still excited and hopeful to see what happens as we start the 2020-2021 school year!

Freshman, Luke Meyer made his varsity debut as quarterback in the season opener against Borgia on August 28th. Luke says, “it's pretty fun and nerve racking”. He is “excited for a fun season” and “just need[s] to make the easy plays and concentrate.” When Luke isn’t playing football, his free time consists of fishing, hunting and playing video games. 

Shaden Ray was highly recommended by his peers for this spotlight. He is on the drumline and performs on Friday night home games. This only being his sophomore year, when he was asked about his nerves prior to performing, Shaden said, “It was hot, I wasn’t nervous”. He is a natural with instruments, “[he] can learn any instrument naturally, my favorite is guitar”. His other hobbies include playing cornhole and riding dirt bikes.

Riley Vaughn is in her third year of varsity cross county. She said, “I like it a lot and enjoy being a part of the team”. Riley’s favorite hobby, other than running, is painting. As the year progresses she hopes to “play powderpuff, cross country to have a good season and go to state as a team.”

Izzie Reeder will be featured in the fall play “Elf”.  She will be starring as Emily Hobbs, Buddy’s stepmom. “A lot of my time is dedicated to the musical.” The play is set to premiere for Senior Citizens on October 27th and the first public show will be October 29th.  The play will run through November 1st in the Pacific High School Auditorium. As a senior this year, Izzie expressed this concern, “I had a lot of expectations this year, but then covid happened... I am looking forward to the Powderpuff Football Game and the spring play.” 

Most of the students are optimistic about the present school year and would like to see the extra curricular activities proceed. We do understand that new challenges may develop, but the upperclassmen are very hopeful for the Powderpuff game. The 2020-2021 year will not be like years before but we will make the most of it!

Student Spotlights for September 


Luke Meyer; PHS Freshman

Shaden Ray; PHS Sophomore

Riley Vaughn; PHS Junior

Izzie Reeder; PHS Senior