Thumbs Up

Student APPROVED Digital Writing Centers in 2nd Grade at Truman Elementary!  

As you may know, teaching through a pandemic can be challenging and I am proud to be able to show a glimpse of the creativity and hard work that our teachers have done so far this year.  Mrs. Livingstone's class in the past has gone centers in a small group effort and used lots of shared supplies.  This year, Mrs. Livingstone, has jumped right in and taken on the challenge of turning her centers into a virtual learning platform. 

Student's tested out a digital writing center today and they approve. In this video below you will hear a student describe how the writing center works and what she thinks about it:

2nd graders in Mrs. Livingstone's class participated in digital writing centers. Students utilized Google Slides to write a short story that featured characters and a setting. The teacher provided students the background and students choose their own digital props to enhance their writing. This fun use of technology allows students to safely participate in centers in a fun and engaging way.

I would say we are off to a great start and the opportunity to continue to rise to the occasion is limitless with this Tribe! 

#GoodVibeTribe #MVNation

-Dr. Sladek