Hello March

Tribe Families!

Spring is in the air today. This is the time of year when we get to watch the Earth come back to life with the greens and vibrant colors blooming all around us. The warmth of the sun fills us with energy and enthusiasm to be outside. It is my goal to bring all of this color and energy into our work here at the school. Our Tribe – students, teachers, support staff, parents and community are an amazing group of people. We are not afraid of hard work or the challenging demands that come our way.

We are seeing so much progress in our students. Their increase in capacity to accomplish their academic work and improve their decision-making skills in all areas is helping them find success. I am so proud of them. I am proud of the way they are treating one another, the way they are setting and meeting goals, the way they are willing to accept responsibility and the way they are problem solving both academically and socially. I feel like the proud parent of over 200 children. I hope that you know how much I care about your children, not just as students but also as the wonderful little humans that they are.

As we wrap up this third quarter of the year…I know, can you even believe that we are almost three quarters of the way through this year, I want to encourage us all to carry on with the energy that spring will bring. We need to continue strong. It will take all of us to help our wonderful students to be able to show how far they have come this year.

Carry on and enjoy the beauty that is all around us and especially in our wonderful students.

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Leading & Learning with a smile, 

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