Mrs. Vogel, Truman’s Title 1 Reading Specialist, MVR3 Alumni, and a ray of sunshine to SO MANY people! Mrs. Vogel has announced her retirement and will be closing this chapter of her life at the end of this school year. When you are a true LEGEND like Mrs. Vogel we felt we needed to find a way to carry her legacy of her love for students and reading the best way possible. 
This morning we had the honor of revealing Mrs. Vogel’s Reading corner to her at Truman Elementary. 
This is a special spot that students will come each morning after announcements to receive a birthday book (or half birthday if it is a summer birthday!). This is also a place for students to come to have some “Me Time” and relax as needed. 
I make this post with such a full heart ❤️ as this Mary Poppins of a teacher continues to spread her wings, be brave, and GO! 
Thanks for being YOU Mrs. Vogel‼️