Hello August

~ From the Desk of Dr. Sladek ~

August 2021 is here! This is going to be a fantastic school year! Our goals for staff and students are to build relationships and work to become a Trauma-Sensitive School.  Let’s start with making our drop off and pick up process safe, smooth, and satisfying for all.  Please stay aware of cars and children during drop off and pick up times.  Please come to our Meet & Greet Open House Night on Monday, August 16th.  Our PTO works miracles for Truman Elementary staff and students! Join now and become a part of the group that makes great things happen here for kids! You may wish to take an active role, or prefer to provide support in the background, but all help is welcomed, appreciated and needed to continue our pattern of success!


You can find all things August on our website or at these links:

Leading & Learning with a smile, 

Dr. Jenna Sladek