Ask your first grader what words they have been working on this week. They are doing great writing complete sentences! #mvnation
about 1 hour ago, Mrs. Tollison, Nike Elementary School Principal
We hope our Scouts & Families have a wonderful Thanksgiving! πŸ¦ƒπŸ’œπŸ¦ƒπŸ’œπŸ¦ƒ
5 days ago, Natalie Harris
Nike's "Balloons Over Broadway" parade was a big hit with participants and spectators! 🎈 We hope our Scouts & their families have a wonderful break! We'll see you back at school on Monday, November 27th! #MVNation
11 days ago, Natalie Harris
balloon 1
balloon 2
balloon 3
balloon 4
balloon 5
balloon 6
balloon 7
Below is the Nike Weekly Scout Report Have a wonderful break. See everyone Monday, Nov. 27th.
11 days ago, Mrs. Tollison, Nike Elementary School Principal
Students at Nike Elementary have really been using their imagination and producing work that aligns with our November Pillar Word of CREATIVITY! In Art class, Mrs. Patterson's PreK and 1st grade Scouts explored different ways to create leaf images. Our PreK friends were fortunate enough to go on a leaf hunt and use their findings to make texture leaf rubbings with oil pastel crayons. The 1st graders, however, used watercolors and cotton swabs to apply smaller leaves to their trees. Mrs. Patterson was impressed to see that some of her students remembered to color mix in order to find that perfect fall shade! Nice job, Nike Scouts!
13 days ago, MVR-III School District
Nike Leaf Art 1
Nike Leaf Art 2
Nike Leaf Art 3
Nike Leaf Art 4
Nike Leaf Art 5
Nike Leaf Art 6
Please see the flyer below for information regarding the expansion of the MVR-III Pre-K program!
15 days ago, Natalie Harris
PreK at Coleman Elementary
Inspire your future reader by signing up for the #ImaginationLibrary, funded by Dolly Parton and the State of Missouri. Your child can receive a free book each month until age 5. Find out more at and register today!
17 days ago, MVR-III School District
Imagination Library
Happy Veterans Day! We are so thankful for your service. β€οΈπŸ€πŸ’™
17 days ago, Natalie Harris
Thank You Veterans
Friendly reminder that Elementary Parent/Teacher Conferences start next week, November 13th - 17th. If you haven't already done so, please reach out to your child's teacher to schedule a meeting. We appreciate your involvement!
18 days ago, Natalie Harris
P/T Conferences
Nike students had a great time at the Movie Theater to celebrate the End of 1st Trimester! πŸΏπŸŽ¬πŸ’œ Enjoy the long weekend, Scouts! We'll see you back at school on Monday, November 13th. #MVNation
19 days ago, Natalie Harris
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Theater 2
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Theater 8
Theater 9
Please be reminded that our 1st Trimester ends on Thursday, November 9th. Let's finish strong, Nike Scouts! πŸ’œ #MVNation
23 days ago, Natalie Harris
Nov 9
Nov 10
Reminder to Set Your Clocks Back! πŸ••
24 days ago, Natalie Harris
We are so thrilled to share that our Nike Scouts turned in 856 items for the Thanksgiving Food Drive. That's impressive! 🀩 Ms. Turnbough's 1st Grade Class will earn either a popcorn party or extra recess for having the highest number of donated canned goods/non-perishables. Thank you to all of our students & families for the generous donations this week! πŸ’œ #MVNation
25 days ago, Natalie Harris
Nike Elementary would like to remind our families that we will be celebrating Veterans Day on November 13th! Please return your Veterans Day sign-up form by Monday, November 6th, if you'd like a family member to be recognized. We are honored to host this event for our Scouts & their families! πŸ’œ
25 days ago, Natalie Harris
Veterans Day Reminder
Veterans Day Sign-Up
Nike Elementary would like to congratulate our Scouts that achieved Perfect Attendance for the month of October. We also had a few friends that missed our assembly on Wednesday, and so they received their Positive Office Referrals today. Way to go, Nike Scouts! We are so proud of you!! πŸ’œ #MVNation
25 days ago, Natalie Harris
More from Nike Elementary's school-wide November Assembly! πŸ’œ
27 days ago, Natalie Harris
Nike Scouts had a special guest visitor today at their school-wide November assembly! Sergeant Perkins was present to briefly discuss the importance of our intruder drills and to congratulate our students on being so quiet during today's drill. Students were also introduced to our new Pillar Word of the Month: Creativity. Way to go, Nike Scouts, for earning some Positive Office Referrals! πŸ’œ #MVNation
27 days ago, Natalie Harris
Nike staff dressed up as crayons today, to celebrate Nike's theme which is "We are like a box of crayons, each one of us unique and when we get together, the picture is complete." ~ from The Crayon Box That Talked
28 days ago, Mrs. Tollison, Nike Elementary School Principal
Nike Scouts enjoyed wearing their costumes and parading around the school today. We hope all of our students and their families have a fun & safe Halloween night! πŸŽƒ #MVNation
28 days ago, Natalie Harris
Wow! We had such an amazing turnout for the Book Character Pumpkin Patch Family Project. A total of 79 pumpkins decorated the foyer of Nike. Our pumpkin patch was overflowing with amazing artistic ability. We are so happy so many families participated.
about 1 month ago, Mrs. Tollison, Nike Elementary School Principal