MO Dept. of Natural Resource Grant

Zitzman Elementary was awarded the 2020 Missouri Department of Natural Resources Solid Waste Management Program Grant.  The grant allowed the school to purchase14 tables and 4 benches to be distributed around the school property.  The tables and benches are made of reground polymer (recycled plastic) and crumb rubber, using more than 40% scrap tires generated in Missouri.  The grant allowed Mr. Orris, Zitzman Principal to provide additional seating for students, staff, and the general public to use during school and for after school events.  The recent fall temperatures provide a great opportunity for students to have lunch outdoors and for teachers to conduct outdoor lessons.  Principal Orris stated, “We are extremely excited to provide Zitzman Elementary students the opportunity to dine outdoors.  The tables will also be used as an outdoor learning space throughout the day and after school for clubs/activities.  We would like to thank Mrs. Schomber; Board of Education secretary, for her help with writing the grant and the MVR-III Maintenance team for putting the tables together.  They make a great addition to our outdoor space!”  Kindergarten students were caught eating outside on a nice fall day.  Brady Dixon reported, “It’s so fresh to be outside for lunch.”  It was clear that students and staff enjoyed dining outside during the nice weather.