Form CodeForm Name
BBB-AF4School Board Election (Notice of Candidate's Obligation to File a Financial Interest Statement
BBE-AF2Unexpired Term Fulfillment/Vacancies (Notice of Appointed Member's Obligation to File a Personal Financial Disclosure Statement)
BDDH-AF1Public Comment Request
Grant Resource Review & Request Form
DI-AF1Daily Tabulation of Receipts
DLC-AF12019 Mileage/Reimbursement Form
DLC-AF2Out of District Mileage Prior Approval Form
EEA-AF2Use of School Vehicles (Not Buses) Form
EF-AF1Medical Statement for Special Meals
EHB-AF1        Parent/Guardian & Student Technology Agreement
EHB-AF2Employee Technology Agreement
EHB-AF3Social Media for Education Approval Form
EHB-AF4External User Technology Agreement
EHBA-AF1Student Use of Personal Electronic Devices for Instructional Purposes
EHBB-AF1Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Notice for Directory Information
EHBB-AF3Social Media for Education Approval Form
GCI-AF1Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers (Request for Transfer)
GDI-AF1.1BSupport Staff Reassignments and Transfers 
IGBE-AF1Foster Child Enrollment
IGBCA-AF1Programs for Homeless Students (Notification of Eligibility, Enrollment or Placement)
IGBG-AF1Homebound Documentation Application Form
IGBG-AF2Homebound Timesheet
IGDF-AF1Request for Fund Raising Form
IIA-AF2Instructional Technology Resource Review and Request
IICA-AF2Overnight Trip Request Form
IM-AF1Annual Master Calendar for Document Review/Approval
JCB-AF1Request for Attendance Change
JEC-AF1District Enrollment Form
JEC-AF2School Admissions (Statement of Student Discipline)
JFCA-AF1Application for a Waiver of Proof of Residency due to Hardship or Good Cause
JFCC-AF1Bus Misconduct Form
JFCF-AF1Bullying Incident Report Form for Required Reporters - Employees, Substitutes, and Volunteers
JFCF-AF2Bullying Incident Report Form for Use by Parents, Students, and Community Members
JGF-AF1Discipline Reporting and Records (Reporting Agreement with Law Enforcement)
Physical Restraint Incident Report
Physical Restraint, Isolation, & Seclusion Student Incident Log
Isolation/Seclusion Incident Report
Isolation/Seclusion/Restraint Incident Debriefing Notes
Administration of Medications to Students
Facility Use Request Application
Community Use of District Facilities Fee Schedule
Public Gifts to Schools Form
KLB-AF1Request for Reconsideration of Material