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The MVR-III Professional Development Committee (PDC) is dedicated to promoting excellence in teaching and learning through a highly trained and innovative staff. The PDC is guided by and aligned to the MVR-III Comprehensive School Improvement Plan which states:

STRATEGIC GOAL: The district Professional Development Committee (PDC) will continue to engage in data analysis, discussions, and planning in order to establish a three to five year plan to support the professional development of educators.

2019-2020 Professional Development Goals

In order to create a systematic process that allows the continued support and long-term learning of educators, the PDC reflected on district achievement data, teacher input, and evaluation of the prior PD plan to create the following goals:

Professional Development will increase student and staff learning by….

  • Increasing expertise in content field

  • Better engaging staff with PD in areas of interest/content

  • Increasing the use of MMD components, as these are research-based best practices

  • Increasing innovation, differentiation, and engagement

  • Aligning Missouri Teacher Standards into our PD opportunities and Professional Growth Plans

2019-2020 Professional Development Plan

Personalized Professional Development

The district PDC has identified a long-term systematic process of personalized learning options for our staff. Although staff and student learning needs will vary each year, our process and protocol for how we develop as a staff will follow the collective inquiry process (see figure 2 below).

Figure 2. Collective Inquiry Process for Professional Learning

Collective Inquiry Process for Professional Learning

Adapted from Dr. Jenni Donohoo, The Transformative Power of Collaborative Inquiry