2019 District Report Card

Dr. Carrie Schweirjohn, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Assessment, presented  the 2019 District Report Card to the Board of Education at the December 2019 Meeting. Highlights from the District Report Card include:

  • MVR-III remains above state averages for district English Language Arts and Mathematics achievement.
  • MVR-III remains above the 90/90 attendance target with district attendance at a 91.6% 3-year average.
  • MVR-III remains above state averages for College and Career Readiness Standard.
  • MVR-III increases College and Career Readiness Standard 5-6 for Post Secondary Placement to 96.1% in 2019, which is up from 84.1% in 2018.
  • Increasing district ACT Composite Score to a four-year high at 22.0 average score, which is 1.2 points higher than the state average score and an increase of 2.2 points over the prior year MVR-III score.

The full District Report Card may be found by using the following link:

MVR-III District Report Card for 2019-2020