Each year at the Annual Sports Club Dinner Auction, we give senior families the opportunity to bid on a special Graduation VIP Package for their student. 

 This package includes:

2 VIP Parking Spots on Graduation Day (reserved in the lower parking lot of PHS for the winning family)

6 seats on the field during the 2021 PHS Graduation

 Since the Dinner Auction was cancelled this year, we were unable to offer this opportunity.  However we have received many requests to be able to win this coveted prize. 

Due to popular demand, we would like to offer senior families an opportunity to now bid on this package through a silent email auction.   All proceeds from this auction will be donated to the PHS Sports Club. 

 If you are interested in bidding on this package, please read the rules and instructions listed below.

Rules and Instructions


  • Only 1 VIP Graduation Package will be awarded.
  • All entries must be received by 11:59 pm on Thursday May 20, 2021.  No exceptions.  We will go by the timestamp on the email.
  • Only 1 bid entry per PHS Senior
  • There is no back and forth in this auction.  Submit your highest bid amount in your initial reply.   Only the first message sent will be counted as the bid.
  • There is no cash value to this prize and no refunds will be given.
  • Highest bidder wins the package
  • The winner must respond to the award email within 24 hours with successful payment of the agreed amount, or the prize will be given to the next highest bidder.

 Instructions to bid:

  • Click on this email and reply with the following information completed in the table below.
  • You may copy and paste directly from this email.

Full Name of Bidder


Contact Phone Number


PHS Senior Name


Amount of bid

** This is the highest amount you will pay for the package


In the event of a tie for the highest bid, how much are you willing to increase your bid to Win the prize.  

Please enter $0 if the bid should not be increased at all