Volunteering helps create a positive community, makes school better, and increases student achievement.  We suggest families plan ahead and complete the process prior to the start of each school year. The volunteer background check process takes up to 10 days to complete. If you plan to volunteer, attend field trips, or help at classroom parties, you need to complete the background check process. Two background checks are now required. Please contact your child's school office, if you have any questions.

Background Check #1: Website: www.mocriminalrecords.com

Click On: Meramec Valley R-III School District Volunteers

Follow the directions on the Log-In page (Please make note of the ACCOUNT NAME and PASSWORD before selecting Request a Search)

The charge for this background check is $17.00 and must be charged to a VISA or MasterCard.

*This background check is good for 6 years.

All records searches that are processed are conducted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol Criminal Records Division (CRID) This service has been approved for the Meramec Valley R-III Volunteer Background checks.

Please note by using this link, a copy of your background check will automatically be sent to the Meramec Valley R-III School District.

Background Check #2: Family Care Safety Registry www.health.mo.gov./safety/fcsr

*This background check does not expire and only needs to be done once.

If you believe you have already registered, check the website or call 866-422-6872. The charge for this background check is $12.00.T

The school that you are volunteering at will be notified of the results of the background check.

Thank you for considering to be a volunteer in the MVR-III School District.