The third week of October is Digital Citizenship Week around the globe. What is Digital Citizenship? Digital citizenship is behaving responsibly and appropriately when utilizing technology—especially the internet. It involves morals, digital literacy, online safety, speaking up against cyberbullying, protecting privacy, good manners, respecting copyright law, and more. Good digital citizenship also helps students understand the importance of balancing technology use with other non-digital activities. To help students learn more about digital citizenship, FBI Agent William Shink presented internet safety tips to students at Pacific Intermediate and Riverbend Middle School.

Tips for Internet Safety at Home

  • Create Internet boundaries at home

    • Discuss when and how long it is acceptable for your child to use the Internet

    • Discuss how to behave towards others when gaming, chatting, e-mailing, or when using social media

  • Encourage your child to be careful when disclosing personal information

  • Talk about the risks associated with meeting online “friends” in person

  • Discuss the consequences for bad behavior on the Internet