As we have worked through our new trimester scheduling model, there were several unforeseen challenges regarding our traditional calendar that needed adjustment mid-year. We are emailing families today to notify you of these schedule adjustments, so that families have plenty of time to make plans for days when school is not in session. 

At the Dec. 15th Board of Education meeting, two adjustments to the current school calendar were approved:

  1. Added Teacher Workday January 28th- this is a workday for staff at the end of Parent/Teacher Conference Week to schedule parent meetings as needed. No school for students.
  2. The Teacher Professional Development (PD) day we have scheduled for March 4th will be moved to Feb. 28th- to provide a PD day after the end of 2nd trimester. 
  3. (This is a simple move from the planned Friday PD day to move to a Monday. This switch in days provides a break after the end of 2nd trimester for students transitioning to a new schedule, and allows a workday for teachers to complete report cards and end of trimester grading.) 

The exciting results we are seeing from our new trimester scheduling model are happier students and staff, and greater academic gains. Overall, our secondary students and staff are reporting positive feedback in better managing homework and stress by taking fewer courses at one time. Additionally, staff report stronger relationships and academic connections with a 5 course schedule. Likewise, in our 7th-12th grades, first trimester academic gains have increased compared to prior years: 

First Trimester Grade Data for Pacific High School: 

  • 6% increase in the number of A's 
  • 2% increase in the number of B's
  • 1% decrease in the number of D's
  • 7% decrease in the number of F's

First Trimester Grade Data for Riverbend Middle School: 

  • 6% increase in the number of A's
  • 3% increase in the number of B's
  • 5% decrease in the number of D's
  • 4% decrease in the number of F's

As the first district in the state to implement a Trimester scheduling model, we knew there could be adjustments to make along the way, and we appreciate your support and understanding as we adjust our calendar for the spring. We are very impressed with our students and staff as they navigate our new schedule, and do so with outstanding results thus far!

Attached is an updated copy of the 2021-22 school year calendar. If you have any questions, please contact your child's school. 

Updated Calendar Link Here:

As always, we appreciate your support in doing what's best for kids!

Dr. Carrie Schwierjohn
Meramec Valley R-III School District