PHS Yearbook

Herff Jones recently presented the Pacific High School Warrior with notice of the 2021 Warrior yearbook inclusion in “Portfolio: The Best of Herff Jones Volume 27.” “Portfolio” salutes outstanding student-produced work. The 2021 Warrior was featured in 4 different categories, placing it in the Herff Jones Top Ten Percent of 2021 yearbooks. The staff was recognized for this accomplishment at the November Board of Education meeting.

Izzie Reeder, a 2021 PHS graduate, served as editor-in-chief. Reeder is currently studying psychology at Arizona State University.

“Being the editor of the 2021 Warrior was definitely one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I’ve ever done,” Reeder said. “The Covid-19 pandemic posed an incredibly difficult obstacle for this yearbook, and I am so proud of the staff and Mrs. Rogan for pulling everything together. Having the 2021 Warrior recognized multiple times in ‘Portfolio: The Best of Herff Jones’ just goes to show how much hard work can pay off, even through hardship. I am so proud of everyone who contributed to this yearbook and made it possible.”

Pacific High School Communication Arts teacher Kristen Rogan is the Warrior yearbook advisor.

“The 2020-2021 school year was extremely challenging,” Rogan said. “We changed our procedures and policies for nearly everything, with students and staff juggling virtual learning, contact tracing and quarantines. The yearbook coverage was fluid as many events were canceled with short notice. It was a challenge but also rewarding as the yearbook staff tackled problems creatively and professionally, with the support of Herff Jones representatives Dan Mueller and Leah Blase. I’m very proud of the incredible student leadership the yearbook staff and especially Izzie demonstrated.”

2021 Warrior Staff:

Izzie Reeder, Editor in Chief
Hannah Bruns, Managing Editor
Michael Aehle, Design Editor
Zoey Arnold, Sports Editor
Kristen George, Academics Editor
Vivian Hardcastle, Ad Manager
Aubrey Harris, Sports Editor
Marlie Paxton, Clubs Editor
Kaitlynn Sims, Copy Editor
Emma Stochl, Student Life Editor
Katie Woolford, Academics Editor